If you are experiencing any issues with our booking widget please use this alternative link to make a booking online https://www.resdiary.com/restaurant/samphirewhitstable or call the restaurant directly on 01227 770075

If you are running a little behind schedule and have a reservation with us please do call on 01227770075 to let us know. If we do not hear from you we will hold the table for 15 minutes before releasing it. If you let us know you are running late we will always endeavour to protect your time slot, however during peak trading times this may not be possible and the length of your sitting may be reduced.

Due to the size of the restaurant the largest table we can cater for is seven.

We are available for private hire, please call to discuss your requirements.

4 High St,
T: 01227 770075
E: info@samphirewhitstable.co.uk

Please note we do not accept bookings via email or Facebook messenger.

Sun-Thur: 9am-21:30pm.
Fri-Sat: 8.30am-10pm.